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Prescription Lens Manufacturing

We offer a full range of prescription lenses from bifocals and trifocals to no line progressives, sunglasses and more. In addition, we specialize in high minus prescription lenses, prism lenses, inserts and split prisms for low vision clients.

We specialize in all types of drill mounts, wrap frames and high minus prescription lenses, giving you access to a full range of prescriptions, AR coatings and frames. Our specialty lenses and lens products start with the finest materials available from such companies as Seiko, DriveWear, Transitions, Younger Optics, Hoya, Shamur, Visionweb, Xperio and more.

  • Blutech Prescription Lenses
  • DriveWear Prescription Lenses
  • Hoya Prescription Lenses
  • Younger Optics Prescription Lenses
  • Seiko Prescription Lenses
  • Shamir Prescription Lenses
  • Transitions Prescription Lenses
  • Vision Web Prescription Lenses
  • Xperio Polarized Lenses
  • RX Wizard

Xtreme Optics takes pride in their craftsmanship and ability to handle challenging and unique optical prescriptions. We've added this gallery to document our custom work. We encourage opticians to contact us with their unique optical prescription needs.

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  • High Minus Wrap
  • Comparrison of Xtreme Thin when grinding plus lenses
  • -10.00 power lenses with addition 12 diopters of prism base out O.U..
  • Lenticular Lens Eyeglasses
  • Wide Field of Vision Lenses
  • Franklin Split Lenses
  • Double Concave Minus Lenses
  • Scuba Dive Mask Rx


Coatings and finishes in a variety of shades can reduce glare, fogging and scratching. We provide a selection of polarized, photochromic lenses, antireflective coatings, scratch resistant and ultraviolet coatings, tinted lenses and mirror coating options.


Our lenses match any number of selections from the latest and most fashionable of frame designs. We deliver your lens ready to mount or fully framed for your convenience.


Our lenses fit the latest wrap frame specifications, including high minus prescription lenses.

The quality of processing and the system they have is what makes them exceptional.
~ Jeff Bridges, Optician, Dalton Optometry

Creators of the original Prism Insert lens

Joe Knows Lenses
Joe Nelson
Original Prism Insert Lens

Xtreme Optics President and Founder, Joe Nelson, has a reputation for excellence. He has been working in lens laboratories for 32 years, developing innovative, attractive and creative solutions for the visually impaired and creating a standard of excellence for all his lens products.