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Opthalmic lens manufacturer for eye care specialists.

We providing full-range of lens products from low vision prism lenses, progressives, AR coatings, wrapped frames and more.

100 percent customer satisfaction.

Xtreme Optics provides you with the quality custom ophthalmic lens products and services you need to best serve your prescription and low vision clients. We work hand-in-hand with our eye care specialists to create the best lenses in the most attractive settings, using an unmatched lab standard, technique and process derived from more than 100 years of combined lens and laboratory experience. We offer a full-range of lens products from low vision prism lenses, progressives, AR coatings, wrapped frames and more. We believe every lens and customer is unique and deserving of the utmost attention and care with a total commitment to 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Prescription Lens Manufacturer

Superior Lab Performance

Advanced Materials

We are professionals with a passion for perfection, timeliness and a commitment to customer care.

Low Vision Prism Insert

Low Vision Expertise

High-Precision Prism Lenses & Inserts

Our years of hands-on lab experience results in the best quality products for your low-vision clients.

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Lenses and Coatings

Rapid Turn-Around

We provide a full-range of competitively priced prescription lens products and coatings for a variety of frames.

Our number one lab for quality and service.
Buster Young, Optician, LensMasters
Optician Lens Manufacturer

Opticians, How May We Help You?

We’re committed to helping you provide the best possible solution to your prescription clients. We can provide you with one-on-one customer care to create the best and most attractive lenses in the most cost-efficient and timely way possible. In addition, we provide a full-range of prescriptions, AR coatings and lens materials.

Call us today at (678) 838-6800 or e-mail with any questions concerning low-vision client needs, products and more.

Creators of the original Prism Insert lens

Joe Knows Lenses
Joe Nelson
Original Prism Insert Lens

Xtreme Optics President and Founder, Joe Nelson, has a reputation for excellence. He has been working in lens laboratories for 32 years, developing innovative, attractive and creative solutions for the visually impaired and creating a standard of excellence for all his lens products.